Regina Romero (D)

Tucson Mayor

255 W Alameda St
Tucson AZ 85701

Office Phone: 520-791-4201

Term Ends: December 4, 2023

Occupation: Program Coordinator

Governing Responsibilities/Activities

Official Duties of the Mayor:

  • Assists citizens with addressing problems, concerns, and information requests.
  • Presides over city council meetings and votes on issues that come before the City Council for consideration.
  • Initiates community-wide action regarding important issues.
  • Communicates and works with other policy-making bodies to ensure that Tucson's concerns are heard at the state and national levels.

    • Pima County
    • the Arizona Legislature
    • the Governor's Office
    • and the United States Congress
  • Delivers the annual "State of the City Address" to the community to analyze Tucson's economy, accomplishments, and future direction.
  • Serves as a member on Mayor and Council Subcommittees and appoints the chair of the different subcommittees.
  • Sits on the boards and committees of community organizations to implement plans affecting Tucson.
  • Along with the city council, appoints the City Manager.

   Ceremonial Duties of the Mayor:

  • Promotes the City of Tucson and serves as the City of Tucson's ambassador to visitors, dignitaries, conferences, and annual community events.
  • Participates in lectures, summits, ribbon cuttings, ground breakings, speaking engagements, business tours, and school visits throughout the community.
  • Issues proclamations, copper letters, certificates, and awards for special occasions, notable calendar events, and distinguished individuals.

Evidence of Governing Effectiveness

There is currently a recall effort to remove the mayor from office. Here is the website for more information:

History in Government

Romero won the November 2019 city election by 15,482 votes receiving 55.88% (52,586) of a total 94,107 total votes over Ed Ackerley (I) who received 39% (37,104).

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